In 1943, Bill Dobbins and his family moved to Lyons and opened a drugstore on 42 William Street, thus beginning the operation that is still serving the citizens of Wayne County nearly 70 years later. Through the years the look of the store and the druggists might have changed, but the management’sphilosophy has always remained constant: Our customers come first.

After Bill’s son, Winston, graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy in 1958, he joined his father’s business. Knowing that more space would be needed for the growing operation, Bill bought the Parshall Memorial Building, a structure on 52-56 William Street the following year. The new location provided additional room and also allowed for later expansion. When Bill retired in 1961, Daniel Barnes bought his half of the business. A card and gift section was added to the remodeled store in 1964 and was expanded into the 58 William Street store space in 1993. Bill’s old pharmacy fixtures were used for shelving, prompting the store to be named the Old Pharmacy Gift Shoppe. Winston’s son, Sean, also a graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy, purchased Daniel Barnes’ half of Dobbins Corporation in 1992, and purchased his father’s half in 1996, the year before Winston retired.

Today Sean Dobbins proudly provides a variety of pharmaceutical and business services and unique gifts to the customers of Wayne County.