Dispill Pill Packaging Program

Here at Dobbins Drugs, we take pride in ensuring that our customers are taking their medications correctly. We offer a pill packaging program called "Dispill" to make it easier for our customers to remember to take their medications.

Discover the safer, easier way to take your medication.

Do you have multiple medications that you are having trouble keeping track of or when to take them? This innovative multi-dose packaging system makes everything simpler. Sorted and packaged by your pharmacist, each dose is personalized just for you.

And they’re clearly labeled by date and time of day, giving you the comfort of knowing you took the right medication at the right time.

No more guesswork, and no more bottles or pillboxes.

How The Pill Packs Are Created

Each Pill Pack is created and carefully packed with your specific needs in mind.​

Particular attention is given to the specific time of day that your medications are prescribed.

Pill Packs can be created for as many as four doses a day for a 28-day period.

Each dose is sealed in a clearly labeled bubble with the patient's name, date, time of day, and complete list of medications.

Each bubble is sealed with a tear-off label that is easily removed at the time of each dose.

Step 1:

Contact the pharmacy so we can get all necessary information into our system.

Step 2:

Provide a complete list of all medications that you are taking.

Step 3:

Have your physician provide us with updated prescriptions. 

We will begin your Pill Pack process as soon as we have all of the completed information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to include my Vitamins and Supplements in the Pill Packets?

In order to put your vitamins and supplements in your Dispill pack, we will need a prescription from the doctor for that vitamin or supplement. You will be responsible for any copay associated with the vitamin or supplement when running it as a prescription.

What will happen if I get a medication change, new medication, or a discontinuance of a medication?

Typically, we will provide you with the new medication in a separate bottle with enough pills coincide with the ending date of your current pill pack. We will then include it in the subsequent pill packs. In the case of discontinuance of a medication, the patient may simply remove the discontinued medication. If the patient is not comfortable with removing the medication, the pill packs may be brought into the pharmacy for adjustments. Simply call the pharmacy for directions.

Are controlled substances able to go into the pill packs?

Due to controlled substances having strict rules the pharmacy has to follow in order to fill them, we are not able to include controlled substances to the pill packs.