The Old Pharmacy Gift Shoppe

The Old Pharmacy Gift Shop is filled with everyday and seasonal decor, toys and stationary products, candles, greeting cards, and so much more. Explore further into the store and discover Hidden Treasures, a consignment area that houses an array of different items from local vendors. Lastly, venture down into the Bargain Basement, where you'll stumble into great finds all marked at 1/2 price!

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A Sample of Our Gift Shop

Willow Tree Angels

Candles (Thompson, Soy, Wood Wicks, Reed Diffuser, Incenses, and burners)

Unique Purses


Wooden Village

Barn Stars

Wallaroo hats

UPF 50+

Greeting Cards (SaltBox, Lang, Suzy Zoo)

Official Lyons Lions Merchandise (T-shirts, Sweatpants, Face Masks, Sweatshirts, etc.)

Office Supplies

Toyland Fidget Toys and Puzzles

And so much more! Stop in to explore our Gift Shop today!